The Wake-Up Run Magic

The Wake-Up Run

Right now it is roughly 2 or 3 months ago since I started a wake-up run habit every morning. I was tired nearly every morning and the first thing I did was to brew a coffee. I decided that this needs to end and since that day I am running every morning. I called this habit my wake-up run.

Baby Steps for your Fitness and Health

Before I started with my wake-up run habit I was in a pretty good shape as I am going to the gym very regularly. But one thing that really needed improvement was my stamina. The first day I was running my wake-up run I was barely able to run 1 kilometer without a break. This was not a reason to stop with my habit but it was a motivation to continue with my daily morning runs.

I continued to run every single morning. In the beginning, I usually ran not more than 5 minutes – it was literally only a wake-up run. But this changed quickly! After a few weeks I was running at least 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, then 30 minutes. With every morning I realized that my stamina and my overall well-being improved daily. Today I am able to run around 45 minutes each morning without any problems. This would have been impossible a few months ago! When I finish my 45-minute wake-up run I feel like a newborn baby (and that’s awesome). I feel alive and fresh. This is especially true when you to your wake-up run very early. No joke! It is a very satisfying experience to run while the sun rises and to finish the wake-up run just before 6 AM. After finishing a healthy breakfast the real magic happens: You will feel healthy and awake the whole day. Your concentration will improve and you will get more done in lesser time.

How I start my Perfect Morning

  1. Before you go to bed tell yourself one thing: “7 hours of sleep is perfect for my body. I will wake up well rested and I will go for a run immediately. Tomorrow morning I will feel great and I will achieve a lot.”
  2. If you need an alarm clock try to get out of bed immediately and never use the snooze button.
  3. After you woke up there is one thing that is really important: drink water! Always be aware that your body is losing a lot of water during the night and that you didn’t drink anything for around 7 hours! I usually drink around 0.75 liters of warm water with a little bit of honey – I love it.
  4. Get into your running outfit, prepare your favorite music or audiobook playlist, start the Runtastic app on your phone and start running.
  5. After finishing your wake-up run drink again at least 0,75 liters of water. Usually, I drink pure mineral water or I add some electrolyte powder to it.
  6. Have a great shower. If you enjoyed your run you will enjoy even more a fresh shower afterward. Usually, I had a very hot shower in the morning but when I finish a 30-45 minute run I usually love to shower with cool water (not ice cold but still fresh ????) this gives you an additional wake-up kick!
  7. Now prepare a healthy breakfast and always add some fruits to it.

Attention: For some people, it might be necessary to eat a small snack (porridge, a banana or a shake) before running – especially if you want to run longer than 15 minutes.

When you make this wake-up run part of your morning routine I promise you that you will feel awesome afterward!

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