How to discover a new city within an Hour

Do a Sightseeing-Run every time you are on a Business Travel and Discover a new City within an Hour!

Have you ever been in the situation of being on a business stay in a city without really having the time for sightseeing? I know this situation all too well. Last year I visited several cities like Cork, Tallinn, Berlin, Nürnberg, Ulm, and much more. When you are on a business travel you usually wake up, have breakfast and depart to your appointment or event.

How I start a Sightseeing Run

Last year I decided to go running every morning before I have breakfast in the hotel. Here is how I do it:
When I arrive I always bring at least 1,5 liter of water to the hotel room. I always set the alarm clock so that I have at least one hour for a sightseeing run plus my other morning routine. Before I go to bed I have a small look onto the map of the city. I figure out a route which contains parts of the old city, parks, rivers, or even beaches. When you use Google Maps you can see old cities or commercial areas as they are highlighted with a light brown color. Parks are colored green, well rivers, lakes, and oceans are blue. When I wake up I drink at least one liter of water and sometimes, in addition, a protein shake.
Then I take my earbuds, my smartphone and I start the Runtastic app. The Runtastic app is a great running app which includes a map where you can easily see your starting point (usually your hotel) and your running route. With the Runtastic app, you always have a great overview where to run to get the most out of your sightseeing tour, your route gives you an overview how far it is till you are back in the hotel. The Runtastic app also has a voice guide so you always have the time in mind (i.e. your ear).

Waking Up, Discovering the City, Feeling Great

When you run 5-10 kilometers through a foreign city you have several advantages over someone who is wasting its time in the hotel bed or the breakfast buffet. First of all, you will discover a whole city within an hour. Do not underestimate 7 kilometers of running within a city center. Just think about how many cities you would get to know when you simply start with this routine. Secondly, you will feel alerted, sporty, and healthy. I love morning runs – especially when traveling – because it does not matter how unsportsmanlike you are the whole day. You have a good conscience if had 7 kilometers run before boarding a 10-hour flight or a 6-hour drive. And by the way: You will take great sunrise pictures as well.

Look at a few pictures I took today during my morning run in Lübeck:

Lübeck Morning Run
Morning Run Lübeck
Morning Run Lübeck

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