6 Days of Commuting = 1,5 Books

Do you also frequently commute to your work or to some customers? Within the last two days, I used 6 days of commuting to finish an entire book. Here is how I did it.

Since last year I need to commute to Oberhausen 3 times a week. Each drive takes me around 45 minutes one way. In total, this sums up to a driving time of 540 minutes or 9 hours of commuting. Within 6 days I spend 540 minutes in my car commuting between two cities. Instead of wasting the time by listening to music I use the time to listen to audiobooks.
Your mind is working faster than we can speak or read so I usually set the audiobook on 1.4 speed.
9 hours of driving times 1.4 equals an audio book of 12.6 hours.

Within the last 6 days of commuting, I finished the audiobook of “Predictably Irrational” (My rating: 9/10) by Dan Ariely. This book has a playtime of 7,5 hours which leaves me with an additional 5,1 hours of listening time. After I finished listening to “Predictably Irrational” I started listening to another audio book and now I am half way through it.

Just think about how much time you spend commuting and how much time you waste by simply listening to non-sense radio or music. Get an Audible subscription or buy audio books on iTunes or the Play Store.

My last word on music: I don’t think that it is bad listening to music in the car. I think it’s great and I do it daily. I simply limit it to a few uplifting songs. I don’t listen to 2 hours of shitty pop music but instead, I listen to my favorite 3 songs and that’s it.

What is your opinion on audiobooks and commuting? Leave a comment below and I will join the discussion!

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