Why you should try to have one day off

Today is a regular Sunday but I did something unusual for me: I took a day off. Usually, I spend 7 days a week on stuff including at least half of a Sunday. Today I didn’t. I rejected to set an alarm clock for less than 8 hours of sleep. So I woke up at 8:30 AM. It feels amazing to have 8 hours of sleep! Then I enjoyed a great breakfast, a good coffee, and some chit-chat with my girl. Right after lunch, I headed to the gym while video calling a friend who is currently in Australia. After a great gym session, I enjoyed a great walk outside while the sun was shining.

In short: I didn’t sit down at the desk before 7 PM.

Right now I feel great. I feel refreshed and I am ready for the upcoming week. This Sunday off feels like a very healthy choice for my body and I think it is a great thing some hustlers should try themselves as well. Quit your daily routine on a Sunday (or whichever day you want) and simply do everything differently. Calm down, go to the gym, read some books but don’t sit at your desk the whole day.

The strange thing: I don’t even feel bad about achieving “nothing” but my body feels refreshed.

Enough for today, have a great start into the next week!

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