How to deal with nice people who neglect change and think differently?

Every single day I meet very nice and friendly people. The problem is being nice and friendly doesn’t change their situation. When I am talking about their situation I am talking about their financial, professional, and personal situation. I meet them everywhere and every day. They work in jobs they hate and managers who treat them like a slave. There are also people who completely accept all the norms of our society.

What do I mean by that? People who went to school, got good grades, then a job. They accepted this as a standard, as a norm. For a period of time, I tried to express my opinion on life which is clearly different. I don’t accept social norms and I don’t want to live everyone’s life.

While I learned a lot during the last 2 years I also learned that people don’t want to know anything else than what society tells them. Tell them about future technology, self-development, and financial independence and they will shut their ears. I also learned that people will characterize you as an outsider, as someone who is opposing their way of living – you become their enemy in some sense.

The result is that I think you should not talk with people outside of your inner circle about your way of thinking. Not even with your mum. I think the best thing you can do is to tell them what they want to hear. They want you to be a student? Tell them: “I am a student”. They don’t want change anyways, they will not accept your change so don’t show your change.

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