If you are Dissatisfied Try a Different Path and Retrieve your Happiness

Just a few weeks ago I decided to make a Monday morning run my new routine. Every Monday I will wake up, get into my running clothes, drink one liter of water and a small oat-drink and start running.

The positive advantages of this habit are great. You start the new week in the best way possible. Before 9 AM you already finished a 10km run, had a shower and a healthy breakfast.

Until recently I had a fixed running route which I didn’t change since a few months. It became boring and the distance of this track is also too short for my progress.

Today I started my running route as usual for the first 1,5km. After around 1,5km my running route is actually splitting into three different directions. Today I decided to turn left and run a route I never tried before. I knew the direction of the path but I never actually went there. The path and the route turned out to be one of the best running routes I have ever tried here in my home region. My new running route is now around 10km long, is completely car-free, and crossing beautiful scenery. I can even add additional 2km for every additional round I run around a lake.

It was a great decision to try this new path which I will now always run from now on.

New Motivation and Ambition

“Nothing special” that is how I would describe my last week’s Monday morning run. But I am very happy and proud of today’s run. Simply trying a new running path gave me a new motivation to run, see new things, and it has never been easier to finish 10km.

I think this lesson is even applicable to our everyday lives. Instead of pursuing and taking the same path every day we should take a risk and try a new one. It does not matter if it’s a boring job, an annoying sport you are doing, or even bad friends you are hanging around with. Try a different path and you will be excited of how great a small change can make our life.

Our environment and our daily habits represent a huge portion of our overall happiness. If you are dissatisfied with a current situation try to change something in your life. Try to take a different and more exciting path, take risks and enjoy new things!

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