Cross-Generational Education: Passing on Knowledge and Wisdom to the Young Generation

Have you ever watched a TED talk? While it is unlikely that you saw one in person (I didn’t please invite me to one) it is very likely that you saw one online. TED is a non-profit organization which is organizing talks all around the world. They organize their events and talks under the motto “ideas worth spreading”.

What started as an insider tech event in the Silicon Valley (TED = Technology, Entertainment, Design) became the world’s best-known platform where scientists, academics, entrepreneurs, and dissident thinkers present their ideas. Researchers present their findings in simple words, and entrepreneurs teach what they have learned during their journey so far. Larry Page, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and many Nobel prize winners already held a speech at TED. Today thousands of TED talks are available for free on

What all speakers at TED do is they present their own life experiences, research findings and much more. What if we introduce a similar concept with the difference that all speakers are seniors?

Experience Worth Spreading

There are thousands and thousands of seniors who are mentally fit and have hundreds of stories and nuggets of wisdom to share with the youth. Why don’t we organize events where seniors have the possibility to prepare a speech full of they wisdom, mistakes, regrets, learnings, and successes?

I am always excited when I have the chance to talk to elderly people. They always love to share their wisdom, their mistakes of the past, and their regrets. They love to help you and they want you to avoid the mistakes they did. I think that thousands of seniors are giving their life advice to their grandchildren but let’s give them the possibility to share this wisdom with the whole world.

EWS Talks

TED started as a small conference for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Let’s organize EWS conferences where retired seniors have the chance to share their experiences in front of an interested audience. EWS stands for Experience Worth Spreading.

EWS events are small local events where four seniors talk about topics they are passionate about. They share experiences they definitely want to share with the world. All talks are recorded and put online. The wisdom of elderly people will never perish. The current and next generations have the possibility to learn from problems of previous generations. We can listen what seniors regret and what they want us to do to avoid this in our own life.

I think that EWS events might be a great way to pass on the knowledge and wisdom of elderly seniors. Otherwise, they would never have the chance to share their feelings, knowledge, learnings, mistakes, and regrets to the world.

I would join those events regularly, what about you?
Comment below if you would join such an event!

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