This Program will FORCE you to Write

For every writer, there are days where you don’t feel like writing. But the greatest skill of an author is persistence. That’s what I learned in the first pages of “On Writing Well”. You need to write a certain amount of words every day. You need to force yourself to write your words. I found a great tiny program – for Mac and Windows – which will force you to do so.

There are days where I certainly don’t feel like writing. I open my writing programs (iA Writer) but I end up browsing the Internet. I know that I simply have to start typing and I’d end up with at least 800 words within the next 30 minutes. But how can I force myself to do so?

That’s exactly the question I asked myself a week ago. Until I suddenly found a program called “Cold Turkey Writer”. It is available for Mac and for Windows. Here is what it does.

Cold Turkey Writer will block EVERYTHING on your computer or your Mac until you typed a certain amount of words. Alternatively, it will not allows you to leave the typing program for a certain amount of minutes. As soon as you start, you cannot use your computer or your Mac for anything else than typing. You have to type to regain access to your computer. This program is literally forcing you to do so. After you typed the previously specified amount of words (or minutes) the program will save your writing as a .txt file.

I used it within the last 7 days 2 times when I absolutely didn’t feel like writing. So if you have a daily blog or if you want to become a better writer, this is a very powerful tool for you.

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