Reserve some Time for Yourself

I felt overwhelmed during the last weeks. I was running a business, writing three exams, participating in a case competition, and preparing a few presentations. Last Friday I felt totally exhausted and I didn’t know what to work on or what to focus on. One thing was clear: I must have some time for myself in nature.

Without big plans, I woke up on Saturday and I decided to drive to the sea. Within hours I packed my camping equipment and left for the North Sea.

I arrived there in the evening, parked my car at a dyke and enjoyed a rainy evening with thunderstorms at the mudflat with thousands of birds, hundreds of sheep and no human beings far and wide.

I enjoyed 24 hours just for myself. Thinking and reflecting: what do I want, what do I need to change? This experience was extraordinary and it was worth every cent I spent on fuel to get there.

Now I started into the week with a long 10 km run. I feel 100% refreshed and energized: back to normal.

In fact, this time for my-self was so helpful that I decided that I will do such a trip now once every 3 months. Simply thinking and reflecting in the nature all alone.

So if you feel exhausted and you don’t know what to do next why not spend a few hours or days in nature?

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