How to Get Rid of Your Time Consuming News Feed

If you are a Facebook user, it is very likely that you spent the majority of the time you have wasted on the Facebook news feed. The news feeds of every social media platform is designed as an endless collection of news, links, photos, and videos.

Social media sites developed the news feed in order to keep you hooked. That is why you spend so much time on the news feed even if you don’t want to. You probably know the situation where you tell yourself: “Well, I just want to check Facebook for 5 minutes,” and you find yourself hooked on Instagram an hour later. The funny thing: you are not at fault. Facebook, Instagram, and every other social media platform trick our willpower by actively influencing our brain.

How to Restrict the Access to the News Feed

I learned that social media sites such as Facebook are deceiving us. I decided that I don’t want anyone – not a person nor a company – to influence my brain and weaken my willpower. That is why I took a few steps to get me out of harm’s way.

The first thing I did was to delete the Facebook app from my phone. Now I cannot scroll through the endless and mindless news feed on my phone anymore. Alternatively, if you don’t like to delete the app from your phone, it may help to log-out of the app. This means you have to type in your password each time you click on the Facebook logo on your home screen. I also strongly recommend to turn off all notifications. Notifications are simply a trigger of the social network to reclaim your attention.

As I deleted the app entirely, the only way I can access the newsfeed is by visiting the Facebook homepage with my Mac or PC. As I enjoy the event and group features, as well as the messenger to stay in contact with friends from around the globe, I installed a news feed eradicator. The news feed eradicator lets you enjoy the less addictive features of Facebook – such as events, birthdays, groups, chats – without being exposed to the toxic news feed. Without a news feed, the time you spent on Facebook will drastically fall!

Newsfeed eradicators are available for Chrome and Safari:

Click here to download the Newsfeed Eradicator for Google Chrome. 

Click here to download the Newsfeed Eradicator for Safari.

By the way, if you want to stay productive during the day but still be able to use Facebook and other social media sites unrestricted during the night you can try different apps which block every distracting app and website during your productive hours. Click here to read the article.

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