My Affirmations Saved me from Taking a Job I Never Wanted To Do

Today, I experienced for the first time in my life how my goals act like magnets. How and why?

Well, in December I finally graduated with a B.A. degree. Now, I’m finally at a stage where well-paid jobs are only a few emails and calls away. Starting as a junior account manager or account manager with a salary of 45.000€+ is seductive, so I sent out a few CVs and sent a few LinkedIn messages. I thought I could easily run my own business after-hours. Why not hustle from 7 pm to 2 am every night? After a couple of days, many companies replied. I had a few phone calls and several invitations to job interviews.

Today was the day it made “click.” I realized an aversion deep in myself. An abhorrence of getting employed. Since one year, I repeat every day the affirmation that I will never in my life work in a regular 9-5 job. Today, I sensed the result of it. There were several emails from different recruiters in my inbox and surprisingly another called me unscheduled on my phone. While I talked on the phone with my Gmail inbox open in front of me, I sensed a deep sense of aversion. Afer I hang up the phone, I asked myself what I just felt.

What I felt was my inner voice telling me: “Don’t do it and don’t even think about it you fucking cunt!”

Here I am today, knowing that I will turn down every job for a regular 9-5 job in the future. My daily affirmations saved me from taking a job I never wanted to do. One thing is for sure; my process just started to become much more exciting.

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