Money isn’t Bad but an Accelerator for Change

Money is a bad thing. Earning more than $75,000 a year does not make you happier. Rich people are evil. Money is not everything. Have you heard any of these statements before? I have heard it all – from my mother, teachers, professors, and lately many of my age joined this thinking.

However, let’s elaborate why money is neither bad but the most important factor for actually changing the world.

The Happy Sappy Do-Gooders

I know a few people who went to Africa after their graduation. And there are many who do. They have the strong belief to help the continent and the local community with their voluntary service. But what kind of change or assistance do they actually expect – without bringing any real value to the table? If you are not a doctor who can train local medics, what kind of impact to you expect by teaching 10 children a little bit of English? These people might have a good heart. But when they look deep inside themselves, isn’t their own ego the biggest reason they went?

I’m 100% confident that traveling to other countries is extremely valuable. It is the only way to experience a culture and learn about the local problems. But let’s face it: your own goodwill won’t have any impact and won’t solve any of the world’s most important problems. Whether it is volunteering in Africa, protesting with some leftists against climate change, or commenting on social media.

Action Through Money

My entire point is: stop badmouthing money. Yes, it is bad that money itself became the object of desire. However, money itself is neutral. You can increase your personal impact by a millionfold, if you have the money. Whether it is stopping climate change, building schools in Africa, or creating green energy.

For many people – I propose – the best way to have an impact on this world is to first earn the fucking money. Earning millions, billions, or even trillions by simply adopting existing business models and providing value to the market. Whether it is starting a startup with venture capital, doing mergers and acquisitions with loaned money, or joining a promising early stage startup while taking equity. I believe – by modeling certain templates – anyone become rich. Once again, I do not believe money is the end in itself. BUT: It is – probably – the ONLY way any young and ambitious guy can have a BIG and lasting impact on social matters he or she is concerned about.

The Action Formula: Earn the billions first, then use them ALL to have a positive impact on this world.

Think about Bill Gates, who became probably the largest philanthropist the world has ever seen. The “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” is today the largest private foundation of this world with assets of over $50 billion. It is therefore the largest private foundation fighting extreme poverty, enhancing healthcare worldwide, and expanding educational opportunities to kids in the United States. Do you think Bill or Melinda Gates would have had a similar impact by protesting on streets for the vaccination of African kids? You know the answer.

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