Do You Really Need It?

It is a powerful question which will save you a lot of time, headaches, unneeded expenses, and inefficiency. Stop for a moment if you convinced yourself that you absolutely need something, need someone, or need some time.

Ask yourself:

Do I Really Need It?

By doing so you’ll quickly realize that what you thought is absolutely necessary is usually not.


  • Do you really need 6 months to ship this product or can you make it in 1 month?
  • Do you really need an office or can you set up your team remotely?
  • Do you really need to spend $50,000 or advertising or can you raise awareness otherwise?
  • Do you really need retailers for your product or can you sell it online yourself?
  • Do you really need outside funding or are there other ways you can finance your dream?
  • Do you really need an IT department or can you outsource it?


  • Do you really need to have a dinner date with your wife in the fancy restaurant or will the authentic Korean kitchen do as-well?
  • Do you really need the newest MacBook or will your current one do the job for another year?
  • Do you really need a new smartphone every year?
  • Do you really need a music streaming service or will radio and music podcasts do the job?

This is a powerful question which might unmask all the unneeded things, expenses, and stuff society tells us we need. The truth is, you probably don’t need most things and your life or business will work just as fine without it. There will definitely come a time where you have to upgrade but until then you can work with what you already have. Use your time and resources efficiently!

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