Be All You Can Be

I believe that our world would be a more exciting and more ethical place if everyone would strive to fulfill their own potential.

This blog post is a transcription of an ice breaker speech I gave at my Toastmasters club in Düsseldorf. I thought you might enjoy reading it.

Imagine a World with Fulfilled Potential

I want you to take a moment and imagine yourself a world, in which every person is giving everything to fulfill his or her own potential. Everyone! Starting from yourself, to your friends, your family, your colleagues at work, and simply every single person on earth. Continue to visualize how everyone is doing and sacrificing everything in order to fulfill their own potential 100%. No matter if the person is an entrepreneur, manager, mother, teacher, scientist, or an unemployed or even homeless person.

The entrepreneur does not stop at 70% of his ability. He keeps pushing. His business eventually invents breakthrough technology which advances humanity in its entirety. A good example for this is Elon Musk – he’s a person who will die with very little unfulfilled potential.

The mother gives everything to raise a high-performance and intelligent child with high self-esteem and high ingenuity.

The scientist stops researching on dumb research projects and instead starts to focus on foundational research or starts focusing his intelligence and capability on an invention he has on his mind. Like the story of Thomas Edison goes: he doesn’t stop until he succeeds.

Now imagine in your mind, how would such a world look like if everyone actually fulfills his or her full potential. Wouldn’t such a world be way more exciting, positive, and promising than today? If you agree, leave a comment below and let’s start a conversation.

Waking Up with Joy and Enthusiasm

Now you might ask yourself: who the hell am I to say this? Which is a good question I ask myself quite regularly: “Who am I?”

The standard story is the following: I traveled a few countries of the world. I studied International Business and Social Sciences. Instead of doing an internship during my studies, I started my first company. I did dozens and dozens of freelance jobs, found friends in every continent of our world (except for the south pole). Right now, I am running sales for a startup called “MESHLE” and I am in the first steps of creating an investment group. But most importantly: last December I decided with all my heart that I will do everything in my ability to fulfill my full potential and achieve all I can be.

I want to create a future where everyone strives to become the best version of themselves. A future where people wake up with joy and enthusiasm because they are looking forward to an ethical and exciting future.

Fulfill your Potential and Save Humanity

The most important thesis I want to deliver to you today is the following. By making the decision to become the best version of ourselves we will change the world. It starts by a commitment to fulfill one’s own potential first. As a result, you will become a role model for others. If we start becoming all we can be, we start a chain reaction. A chain reaction which results in world where everyone is excited to invent, improve, and inspire. I am optimistic that we can do this. Otherwise I have the pessimistic viewpoint that our civilization might perish. But we will not allow this to happen. We will become all we can be!

Be The Hero In Your Own Movie

The best advice I have ever picked up is from Joe Rogan and it is probably the best way to conclude this blog post:

Live your life like you are the the hero in your own movie and right now is when the fucking movie starts and your life is a shitbag disaster […] Pretend you are right now in the part of the movie that starts and it shows you as a fucking looser. And just decide to not be a looser anymore. Live your life like there is a documentary crew following you around and you are analyzing your own behavior. Do what you would want to do so that your kids would one day look back at it and see that documentary and look on it with pride – like wow: my dad was a bad motherfucker, he really did what he had to do. Wow my mum really got her shit together.

Joe Rogan

While you finish reading this, imagine you are the hero in your own movie, a documentary crew is starting to follow you 24/7 and you decide right here and right now to become all you can be. To become the ABSOLUTE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!

And to be completely open with you, I think that I have achieved less than 0,05% of my potential. Let’s do this together.

Leave a comment below and let’s start a conversation.

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