Not How Many But Who

Several days ago, I posted my latest blog article “Re-Invent Remote Events” on LinkedIn. The post got around 134 views – not a lot. But then a coincidence happened.

Yesterday, one of our lawyers invited me to an online event – what a coincidence right?

The event is scheduled for a specific day and time when I – unfortunately – don’t have the time to attend. As I truly value the expertise of both lawyers participating in the webinar, I told him I’d appreciate if he’d send me the recording of it.

He replied: “It is a pity that you cannot be there. There will probably not be a recording (even if I read your LinkedIn post about the topic 😉 ).”

As it turns out, he was one of the few people who actually read my article.

It’s not about how many but who is reading or watching your content

This incidence confirms another of my hypotheses: no matter how few people read your blog, listen to your podcast, watch your videos or participate in your webinars, you never know who is among the few readers/viewers/listeners.

Having only 40 readers/viewers/listeners might be demotivating in a world with millions of views on YouTube. But what if among those few people, there is one who really appreciates your content, reaches out to you and in the end changes your life? Or what if you touch one person with your message and as a result you change his or her life forever?

Measuring the impact of your content by views and page visitors is a marketing tool. However, if you put out content, your primary goal shouldn’t be to reach a million people. Your goal should first and foremost be to speak up and get your message out. If it resonates, over time followers will follow.

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