Why I am founding Valenus as a Group

Health, technology, and the power of branding are topics I’m truly passionate about. And when it comes to health services, I’m one hundred percent certain that we can redefine what healthcare means. We are going to create a brand which makes health cool. And we will raise standards while striving for quality guarantees.

There are different ways how one can tackle problems and attack opportunities. You can become politically active, you can protest, lobby, or fight for the cause. Or you say “screw it let’s do it” and actively create the change.

We can observe right now and throughout history: politicians, scientists and managers without skin in the game fail to tackle problems. Protesters and lobbyists can sometimes make the ship steer slightly into a righter direction. On the other hand, entrepreneurs frequently create the necessary momentum which – further down the line – completely changes the way how things are done and thereby reshaping entire industries.

But different kinds of entrepreneurs are starting different kind of ventures. What differentiates them is – I’d argue – the magnitude of their ambition. Starting small is standard, staying small or growing painfully slow is – on the other hand – a choice. Ambition is exactly what differentiates the small and medium-sized business to the Facebook’s, Amazon’s, Google’s, and Tesla’s of this world. Tackling the massive problems and offering solutions to billions of people requires the entrepreneur to think big (really big). Only large ambitions, over-the-top goals, and a little recklessness do change the world. It’s not the startup or self-employed which starts small and grows slow.

At Valenus Group we have the ambition to create the world’s most trusted and best known brand. We have over-the-top goals to absolutely re-define healthcare.

To achieve the impossible, we must create a meaningful and large organization. I think there are exactly two ways to get started:

  1. Start a venture capital funded startup company from scratch and blitzscale it or,
  2. Build a foundation by utilizing a buy & build strategy by acquiring existing business and consolidating and improving them.

I believe that acquiring profitable businesses is the best way start a meaningful company. It gives you instant access to diverse know how, a stable cashflow from day one, and access to talented people. Simultaneously, these businesses have not yet achieved their full potential. Regarding our buy & build strategy these businesses are therefore slightly undervalued.

By acquiring revenue, cashflow and talented people we are simultaneously eliminating most of the uncertainty and risk a usual startup is facing. Acquiring & Building great businesses is my opinion the best way innovate in healthcare or other non-tech fragmented industries.

By starting Valenus as an ambitious buy and build project we are benefiting from:

  • Stable and healthy cashflows,
  • profitability from day one,
  • talented employees,
  • hundreds of years of experience,
  • locally established brands.

But simply acquiring and consolidating profitable businesses is not enough. As an ambitious, young, and agile team we will flourish existing businesses with the right mindset, know-how in digitalization, technology, and branding. This way we are combining the crucial aspects of a startup with the stability and experience of established businesses.

But that’s still not enough. We’re bringing new business models to the market which the industry has never heard and thought of. We will create a brand which makes health just as cool as Starbucks made the coffee cool. We will establish quality standards and quality guarantees for every customer and patient. Not only that. We will attract the world’s greatest talents by working together to make this world a world to be proud of.

In the end, to achieve ambitious goals and to impact billions of people one must become a significantly large organization. Probably a healthy monopoly – as defined by Peter Thiel. All in all, this is why Valenus is started as a Group and not in a startup accelerator program.

By the way: If this sounds interesting get in touch with me to join Valenus!

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