Five German Minutes

One and a half hours is a lot of time. 

Today, I dropped off my wife at the Policia Nacional station in Santa Cruz de Tenerif. She had to correct a small detail of her name. I believed this to be a job of 5-minutes. Five “German” minutes, I now have to add.

Five “German” minutes turned into over 90 “Spanish” minutes. She had to wait outside the building, then wait for the correct caseworker, then she had to discuss, what was obvious, until she was finally done.

But that was not enough. Instead, she had to wait again. This time in the waiting room. She had to wait until the cases of all other people, who waited with her, were processed. Only then they were escorted to the exit.

After two months of living here, I think Spain is a bit like Germany. A lot of bureaucracy, but in addition, you need time and patience. 

Spain is effective – but not efficient.

Spain is like Germany, just without the stress.

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