Good People Capitalism

Many good people see money as something bad and thusly avoid it.

On the other side, greedy people want it and thus get more of it.

This imbalance creates an impression that capitalism is the bug.

But capitalism is not failing. It’s good people avoiding capitalism, which is distorting the outcomes of capitalism.

Yes, today, largely greed-driven and ego-driven capitalists rule the world.

The good people live a small and content live. Through their presence, they leave a positive impact on their closer circle. This positivity – unfortunately – never gets the leverage it needs to have the much-needed profound impact onto the world.

Dear good people, money is not your enemy. Money is leverage. Leverage which helps bring your positive change to 100x, 1.000x, 10.000x or maybe 1.000.000x more people.

Don’t avoid money. Use money. Use it to multiply what you are doing.

Use money to build a socially and spiritually infused for-profit company.

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