I’m Back: 7-Day Fast

On the weekend, I finished a 7-day water fast. It was a necessary reset. Not only for my body. But also for me as an individual. It felt like a “goodbye” to my old me, and a “welcome” to my new best version of myself.

Over the last three months, I was on the road a lot. Not only on the road, but also on planes, trains, buses, and hundreds of thousands of steps by foot.

Together with my wife, I travelled to Istanbul, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

With it came a total shift in our daily routine.

We used to work every day. But as we boarded our first flight, so began a two-months work-free period.

No job. No calls. No Zoom meetings.

But not only work.

We also gave up our predominantly vegan diet for the period of our travel.

We immersed ourselves in the cultures of Kazakhstan and later of Uzbekistan. This included delicious Shashlik and Uzbek Plov.

For some time, we forgot all our worries, all our plans, all our goals.

We were just living. Living life, spontaneously, wholeheartedly. With beautiful people from a country so far away.

As we returned, I knew that I gathered so many impressions that I – myself – became a new and different person.

Now – after refraining from food and cleaning my physical body and spiritual self from the past – I feel ready for a new me. A better me.

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