Christmas Week

Good morning from Tenerife!

Today is another beautiful Monday. Which also means it is a new start into a new week. This week is special, as it is Christmas week. Only five days until Christmas – unbelievably how fast the time goes.

We booked a flight to Germany on the 22nd. If everything goes well, we’ll spend Christmas with our family in Germany. They announced some strikes at the airports, but I’m sure it will all turn out alright, and we will fly just as planned.

But before this flight, I have many tasks which I still need to cross off my checklist. Yesterday, I launched a sales course for startup founders, which still needs to get promoted. Then there are several frogs – important tasks I procrastinated for too long because I didn’t want to do them – I should better cross off, before I go into Christmas.

Thereafter, I’m completely free. Like a bird. No commitments, nothing.

I will use the days between Christmas and New Year to contemplate and plan the new year 2023. I have many interesting and promising ideas. I’m absolutely excited for 2023. I never felt better.

But first, let’s tackle this week.

I wish you a beautiful start into the week.

May God, Allah, and Krishna bless you.


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