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The Cracked Glass Door

A few weeks ago, the wind was so strong that it slam shut our glass door to our rooftop terrace. A piece of the aluminum frame twisted and the glass of the door cracked. After living for one year in Tenerife, I expected this to not get fixed before we move out of this home. That’s why I was even more surprised that after noticing our landlord, a glazing company of the insurance texted me the next day to arrange an appointment to fix the glass. All within less than 24 hours! Today, the handyman called and came around to fix the glass. As a German, I expected him to bring a new piece of the aluminum frame and a new glass. As I had two video calls in a row, I signed off his papers before he began his work. Afterward, and after he left, I checked the door. He bent the aluminum frame back, so that it was working again. The glass? Cracks are still there. I expect him to come back. Here in Tenerife, we say that everything is mañana. Which refers to, everything that can be done tomorrow, will be done tomorrow. I’ll let that be a surprise. In Germany, I’d be furious. After one year of living here, I couldn’t be more easygoing. This is Tenerife.

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