Relaunching my Blog

Many years ago, between 2014 and 2015, I decided to start my own personal blog. My main intention was to use my blog as a learning tool. Learning through writing in public about all the things, topics, and questions I’m interested in.

For nearly one year, I even challenged myself to publish one blog article every single day. I wrote daily on topics like Bitcoin, artificial intelligence or augmented reality.

Researching a specific topic, adding one’s personal take to it and publishing it is the best learning experience I ever had. Writing and publishing a good article takes time, and deep immersion into the topic. One listens to interviews, reads books, and (scientific) articles.

Writing also helped me tremendously in thinking. Usually, thinking stays in one’s head. By writing one’s thoughts down, things become much more clear, which also makes decisions easier.

On my blog, I published over 400 articles. Last year I deleted many lower quality posts so that today 207 articles are published on my blog. For some articles, I rank in the top 3 Google search results, others rank on page #1 or #2. This drives me a currently just over 100 visitors per day to my blog. Which – I think – is quite remarkable in itself.

One hundred daily visitors for a relative inactive blog is a motivation for me. From 2022 on, I want to write and publish more high quality and relevant articles, opinions, and essays on topics that interest me – and might also interest many others.

Furthermore, I realized that is not an ideal domain for blogging. mariusschober is internationally hard to spell, and thus the domain is hard to remember. Especially the double s (mariuSSchober) is a hurdle.

Currently, I also read and learn a lot about human longevity and natural health. In short: how can I live as healthy as possible and how can I live as long as possible. One idea was to bundle my writings on health and longevity on a separate blog. I called it the “NLH Project” short for Natural Longevity and Health Project.

Instead of launching, maintaining and writing on two different blogs, I decided to make the NLH Project a category on my personal blog instead. To make the blog more memorable, I relaunched my blog under

In the future, I’ll publish more articles and essays on topics such as health and longevity, but also entrepreneurship and philosophy.

Stay tuned! I’m happy to hear what you think on the new domain Leave a comment or send me a brief email 🙏

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