Nuclear War & Moving to Tenerife

It is official. We moved out of our apartment in Germany and moved to Tenerife – one of the Canary Islands. Tenerife – and all other Canary Islands – is a part of Spain, located just a few hundred kilometers off the coast of the Sahara desert. And that is the point: Tenerife is quite far away from everything.


Personal Update: Valenus Course Correction

We are entering the third week of 2022. I have reflected on my personal progress as well as the progress of Valenus. I came to the conclusion that a course correction and reorientation is necessary. Let’s dive into where I want to go, the reasons, and how this reorientation will look like.


Why I am founding Valenus as a Group

Health, technology, and the power of branding are topics I’m truly passionate about. And when it comes to health services, I’m one hundred percent certain that we can redefine what healthcare means. We are going to create a brand which makes health cool. And we will raise standards while striving for quality guarantees.