You have now reached the end of this book. I wrote this book with the goal of sharing my experiences and mistakes with you as a startup founder. This way, you can save yourself many months of trial and error and get your first customers as quickly as possible through targeted cold calling.

That said, just reading this sales guide won’t make you a pro salesperson. Now it’s time to practice, practice, practice what you’ve learned!

Start by writing your own sales script. Use the sample script as a guide and customize it to fit your product or service.

Be aware that your first sales script will not be your best or your last. With each cold call, you will discover little things you can improve. Your sales script is a work-in-progress.

Also prepare a list of small guns and big guns, i.e., collect all the important and relevant arguments that make your product or service unique.

Create a lead list, which is a list of all potential customers that you can approach in your cold calls.

Try different CRM systems and then transfer all the leads into the CRM system. In this way, your CRM will be able to support you in your cold calls and follow-ups.

Once you have your CRM system set up, you can create email templates in it. Write your email templates for cold emails, as well as for emails you send out after a successful cold call.

Take time to enhance your LinkedIn profile. Complete your profile and, if necessary, schedule an appointment with a photographer so that the photo you show gives a professional and smart impression in the first few seconds.

Do some research on relevant trade shows in your industry and mark the dates on your calendar.

Work out your strategy and action plan to build a successful personal brand.

And most importantly, pick up the phone and make your first cold calls.

Don’t start with your dream clients, but pick small and unimportant contacts with which you can rehearse your script.

From now on, consciously use the tonality of your voice in every phone call. Try out how you can direct the conversation with the variation of your voice. Practice pronouncing sentences enthusiastically and other sentences in a calm and mysterious tone.

Until you truly master cold calling and selling, hundreds of cold calls and dozens of face-to-face meetings will pass.

But only practice makes perfect!

If you are still feeling very unsure, join your nearest Toastmasters club. There you can learn to communicate with people and give presentations, impromptu speeches and lectures in a familiar atmosphere.

If you really commit, your journey will be worthwhile, not only financially, but also you as a person will grow.

On your way to your first, or next, client, I wish you all the success in the world.


Your Marius Schober

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