About Marius Schober

Hallo and welcome to my blog! My name is Marius Schober. I was born in 1993 in Düsseldorf, a small city in Germany.

Ever since, I’m well-known for being the curious guy who is always asking the challenging and often uncomfortable questions. Questions about life, philosophy, religion, health, politics, business.

I ask questions to find the truth. I ask questions to optimize my life. I ask questions to innovate. I ask questions to fight corruption. I ask questions to create an ethical and exciting world we can all be proud of.

This blog cumulates all my writings, range from short blog posts to long format essays on all topics which spark my interest, especially entrepreneurship, health, longevity, and philosophy.

Massively Transformative Purpose

In my life, I pursue two personal MTPs – short for Massively Transformative Purpose:

1. Inspire and guide humanity to reach our full potential and live a fulfilled and naturally healthy and long life.

2. Connect people and create solutions to eradicate corruption from this planet to create an ethical and exciting world we can all be proud of.

This is what I dedicate my life to, whether it is through businesses I start or acquire, investments I make, blog posts or books I write, or maybe a political career I someday pursue (when I’m old).

My MTPs also work as a filter! I’m not interested in any project if it is not somehow contributing to my massively transformative purpose.

My Life (so far)

Ever since I turned 18 years old, I’m self-employed. I started with freelance jobs in marketing and sales for brands like car2go, Glacéau vitaminwater, ZICO, Oculus, and more.

I graduated from Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor degree in International Business and Social Sciences.

I was always interested in startups which innovate as well as in undervalued businesses which create real value for customers, shareholders, and the community.

This led me to focus my studies on finance. In the end, I spend days and night in front of a Thomson Reuters Eikon terminal to research and write my bachelor thesis called: “Dividends for the Value Investor: Nice to Have or a Necessity? An Analysis of Dividend vs. Non-Dividend Paying Stocks”.

While studying, I also started my first startup, Advimu, in 2016. My co-founder and I focussed on creating a digital signage and augmented reality software. We launched a first prototype, but then slowly dissolved our partnership due to different plans for the future.

Shortly thereafter, I helped re-brand and re-launch a former office center into CHINAHUB, a digital coworking space and regional hub for business and investments between the Rhine-Ruhr region and China.

After building CHINAHUB, I joined a company called MESHLE, which was started by a good friend of mine. As employee number 1, I primarily helped selling Bluetooth Mesh technology and software to businesses and enterprises.


I’m currently working on Valenus. I started Valenus Group as an investment group to acquire and consolidate physical therapy practices and outpatient rehabilitation centers in Germany. Recently, we switched our focus towards technology and licensing companies in the health industry. The goal is to use great and undervalues businesses as a launch platform for my moonshot, with the aim to:

Start and build a business which creates technologies, treatment, and prophylaxis methods and systems to help > 1 billion people transform their health and add > 10 healthy years to their life expectancy.

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Marius Schober

Last Update: 2022-02-14