The Value Dividend Strategy

Until now, value stocks and dividend stocks have been looked at as separate disciplines. I closed this gap and looked in my 2017 study at 1,100 publicly listed companies in the United States and in Europe to find out how important dividends are for the value investor.

The Value Dividend Strategy will show you:

  • The background on value- and dividend investing from a scientific but also a practical perspective – by looking at investors like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, and Joel Greenblatt
  • Why dividends are much more important for the returns of value investors than previously assumed
  • How the right value dividend stocks can help you achieve massive returns after the stock market crashed
  • The risks and trends for the value investor in the light of a changed geopolitical environment and the “New World Order”

You can read the book here – on the web – for free. If you prefer to read a Kindle or Print version, you can support me and get a copy from Amazon: USA, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, JP, BR, CA, IN, MX, AU

The Value Dividend Strategy

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