Holiday Resorts and Peace

Traveling is a great way to explore other countries, cultures and their people. While this is especially true for travelers, it is ironically just as true for the typical holidaymaker. The typical European holiday resort is basically a large conglomerate of hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops, casinos, and nightclubs. At the airport, the beach, in the café and in the hotel lobby you meet German holidaymakers just as you meet British, French, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Danish, Polish, Russian, Swiss, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Norwegian, and sometimes even American or Asian tourists.

Despite some small complaints that the Russian and English drink too much and party too hard, all these people enjoy their holidays with each other. Russians don’t attack the British with bar stools, just because their prime minister accused their president of something (The exception proves the rule). People want to live peacefully together. They wish to live with each other. And all want to enjoy the time they have in their holidays at its most.

This is true on a microscale (the holiday destination) as it is on a global scale (our world). People want to live and enjoy their life. The aim is to minimize conflict to increase positives. The holiday destination shows that the regular Joe, Wadym, Ilker, Marius, and Fernando don’t want to fight senseless wars with other nations or accuse each other of stupid shit.