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Secrets of the UFO

Secrets of the UFO” is one of the few books that if you read it open-mindedly, it will change your view of the world and universe forever. It is described as an arrangement of condensed and edited received communications from the UFOs and extraterrestrials. And it starts with three chapters summarizing over 25 years of study of the UFO phenomenon and 14 years of study of the “contactee riddle” by the author Don Elkins.

In this ongoing and updating post, I share my book notes, highlights, and thoughts as I work through the book.

Chapter 1: A Very Strange Phenomenon

The book starts by stating that the book is going to be “either nonsense or the most centrally important thing you could possibly learn”. After reading it, I confirm this statement. If you read the book open-mindedly, you’ll not ask yourself whether UFOs exist, but rather WHO they are and WHY they are visiting our consciousness here on earth.

If we assume the described UFO phenomenons are real, it opens an immense view onto the world and the universe, as it renders many scientific facts we nowadays believe to be true to be false or at least incomplete.

Studying and understanding UFOs and the underlying technologies may validly be “the most important endeavor which we can undertake.”

UFOs & Meteoroids

To put our possibly naive assumption into perspective, the author gives the example of Dr. James E. McDonald, who explained to the U.S. congress in 1968:

Meteors were once described as “stones falling from the sky” and anyone who curiously questioned this narrative were disregarded as stupid peasants. Well, until one researcher took it seriously and then discovered meteoritics.

With UFOs, we are now in a “very similar situation in science”. We ignore and don’t take UFO sightings seriously, because it makes no sense from our current scientific understanding of the universe.

UFOs defy any explanation possible with our current science and understanding of physics.

We have to understand that our current “status quo” of science may be false or at least incomplete.

Scientific Ridicule

Anyone who dares to challenge the current status quo is subject to ridicule. In terms of understanding UFOs, it started in the late 1940s and 50s when the US Air Force – at that time in a Cold War with the Soviet Union – was mystified by UFO sightings. Because it was unexplainable and the technology of UFOs indescribable superior to the military technology the Air Force had access to, they decided it was better to call UFOs a ridiculous fantasy.

But calling it a stupid fantasy doesn’t help anyone. Nothing constructive is achieved by doing so.

As the author underlines: “Ridicule is not part of the scientific method, and people should not be taught it is.”

Unfortunately, this “ridicule” is still in effect today, 47 years after the book was first published.

Technological Breakthroughs

To put it into perspective, we can think about any technology we now accept as normal in our present life. Any technology would have been considered a wild and absurd impossibility a scant 100 years ago.

So can this not also be true for UFO technology?


The question then is: How many millennia ahead of us are UFO technologies?

Note: Later chapters will give plenty of descriptions of what these UFO technologies are capable of.

Beyond the Present Level of Reality

So the question is: What is holding us back from asking questions which go beyond our current understanding of reality.

One problem is the current scientific system, which is set up to only investigate the present level of reality within our technological and scientific nexus of thought.

Or as the author says: “The Jesus of thinking or technology which underlies the UFO manifestations may not have any close connection to our present Earthman’s philosophy of reality”

And I agree with the author in this.

Today, the moment we ask questions and venture into the unknown to investigate phenomena beyond our current established framework of thought, what we today believe to be “facts”, we encounter resistance.

Anything that goes beyond the current technological nexus is dismissed as impossible. And I think it is part of human nature. We simply cannot grasp exponential technological improvements.

But if we really want to see technological breakthroughs on the level of UFO technologies, which we can observe, science, politics, entrepreneurs (we all) must open ourselves up to the supernatural and the “impossible”. Without being open-minded, we will not make an evolutionary leap forward.

Today these topics are energy or quantum healing, zero-point energy devices, the enigmatic technologies of UFOs – described later – the vast landscape of consciousness, or the transformative effects of psychedelics (which itself is a thick book we don’t understand and cannot explain).

The next chapters of scientific discovery await in the prospects of telepathy, real human longevity, the frontiers of artificial superintelligence, the intricate art of matter manipulation, the theories of interdimensional travel, and the concepts of antigravity and warp drive technologies.

The book” Secrets of the UFO” is an eye-opener to allow us to leave the rigid confines of current science and encourages us to find an elevated state of consciousness to ultimately find answers to what is now called the impossible.

UFO Sightings

What follows are 15 cases of UFO sightings…