AI Writing Tools

Creativity is what makes us human human. Writing is a large part of it. Through writing, we think. Through writing, we dream. Through writing, we invent.

I’m afraid we might lose this creativity. Instead of reading books and essays, we consume short-form videos on social media. Instead of writing books and essays, we record voice messages, videos, or write 240 character tweets.

AI writing tools accelerate the dehumanization of this beautiful creative work.

Instead of thinking, outlining, writing a first draft, refining, and finalizing a text, we write a few bullet points into the AI copywriting software. A written text or even blog appears magically and without any creativity or brainpower.

This text is then published – as a blog, a social media post, or an ad. The reader then – unaware of it – is reading a content piece which was written not by a human but created by an AI, with the purpose to catch his attention.

AI uses big data – which means it analyzes in detail how well which sentence, word, or even emoji is perceived by the reader. Unquestionably, it will become better at writing texts than us humans.

What does this mean for us humans? Will this destroy one of the most creative skills we have developed as a human species, for the pure sake of optimizing for attention metrics and profits?