How This Book is Structured

This book’s content not only comes from my practical experience over the past 10 years, but the entire book also focuses on the practical application – entirely in the spirit of the learning by doing method. I will explain theory exclusively using a practice-oriented sample sales script or concrete examples.

Before you focus all your efforts on selling your product, you should be absolutely sure that your product has a product-market-fit. That’s why we’ll first look at how you can test whether your product solves a real problem for your potential customers using a Lean Selling method.

Once you’re sure your product has a product-market-fit, you’ll learn what beliefs are holding you back in sales and how a proper sales mindset will help you acquire your first customers.

Then we’ll talk about the core subject of this little book: cold calling.
Using a sample phone script, I’ll show you the most important techniques for cold calling over the phone, which can also be used in face-to-face sales calls. I’ll show you everything I know you need to become a true professional at selling and persuading.

Trade shows can be the most important place for your customer acquisition to win new customers and build incredibly personal and long-lasting customer relationships. Again, based on my experience, I’ll show you the best approach for a truly successful trade show visit.

You’ll occasionally expand your cold calling to targeted cold emails and LinkedIn messages. But both emails and LinkedIn are not tools to replace cold calling by phone, rather they are complementary tools that can enhance our success as the situation dictates.

Without follow-ups, any cold call, no matter how successful, is wasted time and wasted energy. You’ll learn about follow-up myths and why follow-ups are so darn important.

When you cold call, you’re knocking on your prospects’ door. In the long run, having a personal brand as a founder or salesperson will help you get your future clients knocking on your door. You’ll learn how to build a personal brand that will also serve you well in your cold calling.

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