Do this and you will have a more productive morning

Do you want to be more productive in the morning? Are you always late in the morning? No matter how early you get up you never have enough time? Do you want to be productive before you finished your first coffee?

Turn off your phone.

Stop the Noise

Ever since I have a phone I am using at as my alarm clock. Just recently I realized how bad it actually is. Right after waking up I had to use the phone to turn off the alarm. And if you have the phone in your hand in the first place, well you start checking your messages, you start scrolling through your social feeds, and the last thing you do is to get up.

Have a Productive Morning

I always did this subconsciously. Some weeks ago when I was finally having breakfast I was shocked that already 1 hour has passed since my alarm clock knocked me up. I took a minute to think about it and I knew who the bad guy was: my mobile phone. Well, actually it was me who did not have enough self-control to resist scrolling through the Instagram timeline of the last century. Whatever, I decided to turn the phone off after I wake up.
I tried it the next morning and magically I have been running, have had a shower and I was having breakfast just 20 minutes after I woke up.
Then I used the remaining time to start working on my most important tasks and I used the time to write an article.
At the same time when I usually came out of the shower, I already finished or worked on some of the most important tasks.

So if you want to experience a more productive morning just turn off your phone. Don’t answer messages or emails before it is 10 AM.

Productivity Apps

If you don’t want to turn off your phone try productivity apps. For example, this app called “Forest”. You can set a timer of e.g. an hour and the app will remind you not to use any social media app. Otherwise, you will kill a tree. Do you really want to kill a tree?

What is your advice for a more productive and happy morning? Leave your advice in the comments and I will join the discussion!

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