I Love California

California has something Magical

Today I want to write about a feeling I have since I visited California for the very first time. How can I describe this feeling? Well, for me it feels like California is a large magnet which is attracting me for several and for no reasons.

I just received a reminder via email that my ESTA will expire in the beginning of February. This means the first time I entered the United States was 2 years ago. I still remember how two friends and I landed for the very first time in LAX. It was our first visit to the United States and we planned a three and a half week road trip straight to Miami and even further south until Key West. And we did it. The trip was amazing! We have seen and experienced all Southern states but California has the biggest magic of all of them. There is a Californian magic I cannot describe. As soon as I arrived home, I looked at some photos and mulled over the amazing trip. I had this urge to return. So did I. Only 6 months later I returned to California. This time for full 4 weeks. I spent a few days with a friend in Los Angeles before traveling slowly to the Silicon Valley where we stayed nearly 2,5 weeks.

Los Angeles

I love LA and I really don’t know why. The very first time we arrived at LAX and the very first time we were stuck in LA traffic we said loud and clearly: “Los Angeles Sucks”. We visited some sights and left the city pretty soon. When I returned to LA 6 month later the first feeling was once again: “LA sucks” and I had the urge to get out of the city as soon as possible. But with the second trip, I spent a few more days in LA and the feeling of “LA sucks” was gone. Well, LA traffic sucks but the people and the atmosphere in LA are awesome. Everyone is in LA and they try their best to become famous. Hollywood is the non-plus-ultra for actors, musicians, YouTuber, and simply everyone. I love LA. It gives me a feeling of belonging. In LA you have the feeling that you can achieve literally anything. Work hard and become the best actor in the world. After I left LA I knew exactly why I love LA, Malibu, Santa Barbara, and the SF Bay area. It’s all about the atmosphere and the people. Nobody is laughing about your dreams. Being in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay is the biggest motivation I ever experienced. I finally had the feeling to be at a place where you can achieve anything by putting in the work. A place where you are not criticized when you are thinking differently. It’s a place where you can dream big and a place where you are surrounded by people who are doing BIG stuff.

I’ll come back to LA and San Francisco. But when I come I will have a stop in New York City. I really want to find out if New York lifestyle can beat the Californian atmosphere.


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