The Market does not care about Theoretical University BS

In this blog post, I would like to point out my own opinion on why I think that our current education system is pushing many students into one specific direction.

Our tertiary education system is built on universities and other research institutes. There are millions of students worldwide who study hundreds of different study degrees: business, social sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry, languages, religion, lectureship, etcetera. This list of different study degrees can continue endlessly.

I realized that you can easily categorize students into two or three categories:
1. Students who join the study program without the intention of becoming a researcher.
2. Students who join the study program with the intention of becoming a researchers, doctor, or professor.
3. And students who don’t know why they are studying.

Universities require everyone to become a researcher

The simple fact is that every single university requires students to become a researcher. To finish the degree they have to submit a scientific thesis whether they are interested in research or not. This is true for business students, medicine students, and law students. But is a research oriented thesis always the right way to finish the official path of education?
I doubt so. I think it highly depends on the study degree whether a research oriented thesis makes sense or whether it is complete nonsense. While it might be a good option for psychology and economics students is it still that appropriate for business or computer (science) students? Why can’t we allow them to pass the degree with a more reality-oriented task?

The Market Doesn’t Care about your Theoretical Bullshit

I propose to let the students of some study programs (such as business, finance, information technology, etcetera) pass their degree with a reality-oriented task instead of a theoretical research-oriented thesis. I think that a majority of business and ICT students study to get a job in this specific field. They want to earn their money by managing a business or developing software. Why are these students, who never even thought about a research career, forced to submit several research papers?
There are many other ways how these students could spend their time more wisely. Every single employer will prefer a well-prepared student over a theoretical smart aleck.

Using Two Semester to improve specific Skills

Usually, universities use one semester to prepare students to write a thesis and another one to let them actually write it. For everyone who is not interested in a research-oriented career, this is a complete waste of time. Let these students instead work on specific reality oriented tasks, offer them reality oriented seminars where they can i.e. improve their communication skills. There are hundreds of ways how these students, who actually want to get a real job, can use their time more wisely.

Let’s rethink our education system as soon as possible.

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