Why It Is Not Worth to Expect the Perfect New Years Eve

Is There a Perfect NYE?

It seems that every year everyone wants to experience the best NYE party ever. People look for fancy places to go – whether they are looking for fantastic city trips, a super expensive wellness hotel, the best club in town, or the most fun house party.

However, one day later – on January 1st – the hungover majority is disappointed. Their perfect planned night out did not work out as desired. The city was crowded. The ticket to the club was super expensive. They spent hours waiting in line. They did not find a free lounge in the wellness area. The house party turned out to be a flop as many people were too drunk and the police showed up.

Why Do People Crave for the Best NYE?

Why is it that so many people crave to enjoy the best new years eve ever? Is it Instagram? Is it advertising which hypes NYE too much?

I guess that too many people have certain beliefs of how a perfect NYE party should look like. Hollywood movies show parties which seem super fun and people find many more perfect ideals of the perfect NYE party on Instagram and co.

Movies and social media – apparently – raise the bar for soo many people. Social proof and the FOMO (fear of missing out) are probably two additional psychological factors why people crave for the best party ever. When the entire city is talking about a few selected parties which sound super exciting do you want to miss this once in a lifetime event? And isn’t it cool to post super fancy photos on Instagram or Snapchat? To prove all your followers what a fantastic NYE you have?

And aren’t places too crowded at NYE anyways? Are the super high prices for super fancy parties justified? Is it worth to make a city trip over NYE when the same trip costs you a quarter two weeks later?

Have no Expectations

I realized that the best way to have a great NYE and an unforgettable transition into the new year happens when you lower your expectations. In the end, your happiness is determined by the persons around you. So why not spend your NYE with your closest friends and (or) family members at home?

Next year become aware of why you want to experience the best NYE party ever in the first place. Is it because you enjoy the party or because you are afraid of missing the best event? Even worse, do you go to the fanciest party because you want to show off?

Take it easy and spend your next NYE with your closest friends and family members without high expectations and just enjoy the moment.

Photo by Julian Lozano on Unsplash

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