Three Words to Save Lives

As I am writing this, an ambulance is standing in front of the door of our home. They are searching for house #129, but are unable to locate it. Google Maps does not help, and it needed the assistance of several locals and three phone calls until they were now able to find the direction.

This just showed how important it is that we introduce new ways to communicate locations with each other. One of this is what3words. With what3words, every location on earth can be located with three unique words. Instead of street names, house numbers and zip codes, we can use three words, such as /explorer.chart.cheaply, to locate each other faster and easier than ever before.

While for the ambulance, an app which transmits the geolocation might be the first thought, for many older people simply remembering “their” three words can save their lives in those scenarios. What is holding us back from using what3words?

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