Our Purpose

Our purpose?

We are living on a beautiful planet among billions of stars.

This makes us often philosophize about the purpose of life.

Are we here solely to be?

Or are we here with a greater purpose?

Maybe, there is no grand purpose.

Our purpose is to be a human.

Being a human on planet earth.

Experiencing love, sadness, joy, and despair.

Tasting tropical fruits, and Greek food and wine.

Living life is fulfilling in itself.

Still, we are questioning whether there is a greater purpose.

We ask ourselves: Why are we here on this planet?

Human curiosity itself is proof that our purpose is greater.

Coincidentally, we have an intelligence great enough to go after our curiosities.

We possess intellect and creativity to solve seemingly impossible problems.

Curiosity, creativity, and intelligence brought us god-like powers.

We learned to fuse nuclei.

We discovered the double helix.

We can re-create a process that happens inside the sun.

We can rewrite cells.

Someone gave us the curiosity, creativity, and intelligence for these discoveries.

To solely exist? To be? To live?

Yes, be! Yes, truly live!

But our curiosity, creativity and intelligence are too high to limit our potential to it.

Why do we need an IQ of 120? Sometimes of 140? Sometimes 180?

Why do we have this extreme curiosity about nature and the universe?

Were our purpose to only live – our creator would’ve given us an IQ of 80 and no curiosity.

Because our curiosity, creativity, and intelligence are so great – so is our purpose.

Our purpose is to use our curiosity, creativity, and intelligence to its fullest.

Our purpose is to be all we can be.

We don’t know the limits.

Let’s go and find out.

Our purpose.

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