An e/acc Future

Someone asked about an optimistic prediction about the future 10 years from now.

As an e/acc optimist myself, here’s the ideal:

  • Human aligned AGI reached.
  • The world transforms into a utopia of efficiency.
  • AGI, synergizing perfectly with human ingenuity, catalyzes unprecedented innovation across sectors; amongst them unlimited free energy.
  • Economies skyrocket, with wealth equitably distributed, eliminating poverty and fostering global prosperity.
  • Individual creative and entrepreneurial endeavors flourish as mundane tasks are automated, unleashing human potential to its fullest.
  • The Law of One is recognized on a mass-scale, revealing the interconnectedness of all beings. Altruism and mutual support become the norm, reshaping socio-economic systems and ushering in a harmonious society and shared spiritual growth.

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