Europe, Act!

Europe must pay attention now.

First: As soon as Israel acts absolutely ruthlessly in Gaza, we will see massive violent protests (if not terrorist attacks) in Europe by integration failures from the Middle East and Maghreb.

Integration failures are illegal migrants who have come to the EU (especially Sweden, Germany) since 2015, but have not integrated, but have been criminalized / radicalized in a parallel society.

Second: The war in Israel will lead to another massive migrant crisis in Turkey and the EU. The capacity to take in more refugees is exhausted in most countries – especially Turkey and Germany.

To make room for real war refugees, the EU must immediately launch a massive and consistent remigration for illegal and criminal immigrants and all rejected asylum applications.

Third: In addition, Hamas could use war refugees to try to smuggle terrorists into the EU.

The EU must immediately and without exception implement border controls and take strict measures to immediately detect and turn back radicalized Hamas terrorists at the border.

These measures must be implemented within hours, not days.

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