Transcendental Science

Science is that it is a rigorously structured system, meticulously designed and refined over decades, to investigate the present level of reality framed within our current technological and scientific nexus of thought. However, the moment we venture to investigate phenomena beyond this established framework, the supernatural, we encounter resistance. Anything beyond the current technological nexus is dismissed as impossible.

If we really want to see breakthrough innovations, if we really want to make an evolutionary leap forward, science must open itself to the impossible.

I am referring to areas such as energy or quantum healing, the potentials of zero-point energy, the enigmatic technologies of UFOs, the vast landscape of consciousness and the transformative effects of psychedelics upon it.

The next chapters of scientific discovery await in the prospects of telepathy, the frontiers of artificial superintelligence, the intricate art of matter manipulation, the theories of interdimensional travel, and the concepts of antigravity and warp drive technologies.

This level of progress requires leaving the rigid confines of current science and using an elevated state of consciousness to find answers to what is now called the impossible.

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