Meritocratic Basic Income

World Record Mindset + Meritocratic Basic Income + Invention Funding = Progress

I truly believe that humanity will progress faster when individuals have the freedom to pursue risky and meaningful ideas.

Today, the smartest people in the world work in professions which don’t build and invent things: finance, consulting, academia, SAAS software, etc.

They do it, because that’s where they can earn the most, get VC funding the easiest, and enjoy the highest social reputation.

A SAAS business – for example – can now easily have 10,000 employees providing a digital signature solution or just another productivity software.

9,900 of these employees are not working on any meaningful ideas which significantly move humanity and our collective consciousness forward.

We have to provide these individuals with the freedom to pursue risky ideas to invent new technologies, come up with groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs which refute current “impossibilities”, and set new world records in any fields – physics, longevity, etc.

If you think about it, historically any inventor had to rely on the funding from their rulers. From religious leaders, governments, entrepreneurs, bankers, and nowadays venture capitalists

Nikola Tesla – for example – relied heavily on J.P. Morgan which enabled him to invent, while at the same time thwarted him to invent even more.

I don’t think of a universal basic income as a socialist idea – I see it much more libertarian and entrepreneurial as a way to give individuals the freedom to pursue meaningful risky endeavors.

We must establish a libertarian meritocracy where doing nothing is despised – yet doing something meaningful is rewarded with the financial freedom to pursue it.

The Thiel Fellowship is a great example where grants give smart individuals the freedom to pursue bold things. If these bold things turn out to work, the funding to realize these ideas and prototypes is available.

Our task is to establish a libertarian meritocracy which supports go-getters in a free-market environment.

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