€167 Billion

A recent Gallup report shows that Germany wastes €167.2 billion / year through lost productivity in Germany due to disengagement of employees. This is a manifestation of a system that has strayed from the core principles of free market capitalism, individual responsibility, and the pursuit of self-interest as the driving force behind economic prosperity.

Here’s my 6-point action plan for Germany:

  1. Cut all corporate subsidies bar none. This includes all state funded or guaranteed credit programs. The state is not an investor nor a bank and has no skin in the game for making investment decisions. It should not keep companies alive through cheap credit or subsidies. This forces companies to become more competitive and efficient.
  2. Remove all employee protection laws for anyone earning above a certain threshold (i.e. > 30.000 € / annum). Employers must be able to fire non-performing employees instantly with zero indemnity.
  3. Abolish all the Berufskammern (chambers of commerce), all IHK, Handwerkskammern, etc. without any exception.
  4. Slash bureaucracy by 95% by burning all laws and regulations at the stake and setting up a new minimum legal framework enforced through smart contracts.
  5. Reduce all direct taxes to the EU minimum of a flat 10% tax on everything (income tax, corporate taxes, capital gains tax, etc.) and set the capital gains tax from investments in intellectual property and technological inventions to 0%. First 30.000€ income per annum are tax free.
  6. Leave the Euro-Zone, introduce a Gold backed Deutsche Mark and allow free currency competition, this includes accepting all fiat and crypto currencies as legal tender (including Euro and Bitcoin).

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