You founded a B2B start-up with a good product. The only problem is: You don’t have any customers?

I’ve written this short sales guide just for you.

This short sales guide is specifically for startup founders who have developed an outstanding product or service which they now want to sell to other companies or to government agencies.

Today, too many startups fail simply because the founders have no experience in selling – especially in cold calling. Just the thought of cold calling a potential customer causes many founders to break out in a sweat.

So instead of picking up the phone and making calls, many founders make excuses by using half-finished landing pages, improvised ad campaigns, and social media marketing to hook their first customers.

In this little book, we ignore all of that. My goal with this little guide is to give you everything you need so that, with only your enthusiasm and your cell phone, you can acquire your first customers.

Cold calls are the best and easiest way to acquire your favorite customers in the shortest possible time.

Thereby, cold calling is not only relevant for new customers. You can also use cold calling to win your dream investors, mentors, or advisory board for your start-up.

If you not only read but apply what is described in this little sales guide, you will be a few hundred cold calls away from your first or your next customer. I can promise you that from my practice!

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