I earned $15 by publishing an Article on Steemit

Just two days ago I published an in-depth article about different legal (corporate) forms in Germany. This article really took some time to write. I finished writing the whole 2000 word article after around 2 hours.

Usually, I publish all articles here on my personal blog ( but a few days ago I decided to start to publish all articles and all my writing on Steemit simultaneously. Just one single day after I started posting articles and blog posts on Steemit I already earned more than $15.

Steemit Payout

Hosting vs Blockchain

Just for your comparison, to keep my blog (and a few other websites) running I pay around 10€ per month. Now, instead of paying a hosting bill of 10€ I earned within just 24 hours 15$ by writing qualitative content.
The difference between Steemit and my self-hosted blog is the following. My personal blog is hosted on a server of 1&1 – a web hosting provider. When I publish my writing on Steemit it is not stored on a single server but the text file is stored on a blockchain. My writing is thus stored and saved on hundred thousands devices worldwide and not on a single server.

Where does the value come from?

Steemit is based on a blockchain called Steem and two monetary tokens called STEEM and STEEM Power. Steem Dollars are an asset which is pledged to the US dollar. The value which is paid out to the content publishers is created through the trading of the currency on exchange platforms. When other users see your content as valuable they can upvote your content. The higher the status of this user is, the higher will your payout be.

Steemit vs WordPress and Facebook

I love Steemit because it is rewarding its users to put out valuable content. Commercial organizations like Facebook earn money by using its user’s data to sell personalized advertisement. I think that the idea behind Steemit is great. As soon as the user interface improves it will be a great alternative for every publisher. The minimalistic design is already amazing.

From now on I will post 90% of my postings on Steemit as well.

Let me know if you have ever heard about Steemit and how you like the idea of it!

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