A New Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing in a Content World

We live in a content world. Gary Vaynerchuk is only one internet personality who underlines the importance of content. Whether you want to build your personal brand or push your company’s brand to the next level, content creation is a critical factor to success.

Content can mean a lot of things. Content can be a blog post, a Pinterest graphic, a YouTube video, or an ebook. You may document your day on Instagram or vlog your journey from dishwasher to being a millionaire. If you create content for your startup, creating infotainment videos or viral blog or facebook posts are one option to follow.

However, in this post, I don’t want to point to the endless possibilities of content marketing. Instead, I would like to point to a new way how you can do content marketing by helping others in their content marketing.

Here is the deal: while creating content, creatives need content. To create a stunning video – for example – a creative will need stunning looking video footage. As there are brands in any area, video footages in every field are required. As most free stock footages are usually of low quality, creatives cannot use them. Thus, they are forced to buy overpriced stock footages from Adobe. That is where you as a brand can step in.

If you are a car company (let’s say, Range Rover) you may publish high-quality outdoor video footages and photos under creative commons license. These footages clearly showcase your product. Freelancers are now able to use your high-quality videos for free in their video, and you and your brand get the possibility to get featured in a viral video. Isn’t this a great trade-off?

There are many platforms where creatives look for free stock images or photos. I use,, As soon as you as a brand decide to publish your advertising material for free on these websites, creatives will happily use them. You might find your product in their YouTube or Facebook videos, timeline, or even a large offline billboard.

This will work for nearly any product. As an example, two days ago I posted an article about the topic of music. You as a brand (e.g., a speaker brand) might have had a beautiful photo available on Unsplash with your product in the background. Now you might see a photo of your Libratone speaker on my blog post which might go viral in 2 years.

Offering footages for free is not only super simple marketing it is also a super efficient way to raise your brand awareness in channels you never thought of.

If I inspired you to implement this strategy in your company, please let me know in the comments. And thank you for reading!

By the way: Photo by asoggetti on Unsplash 😉

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