Small Things Do Count

Everyday we encounter things, small things. And I propose we generously underestimate the importance of those small things. We encounter those small things in our daily life: while commuting, at work, or at a dinner date at night. And here comes the big surprise: usually the small things are what actually make the moment great, the experience unique, and your life great.

I promise that your entire life will improve if you become aware of all the great small things in your life. What you must do is simply realize and appreciate all the great small things happening to you. On the other hand, you should actively provide great small things to other people as well, whether it is in your personal relationships or your business. It is all about giving before taking. It is all about gratitude and passion for the details.

Experiencing Great Small Things

Passive great small things are happening to you. You don’t influence them consciously. I am talking about the great coffee you enjoyed this morning, the beautiful smile of the young man or woman a few minutes ago, and the amazing customer service you experience yesterday. You don’t forget these moments and these great little moments define your happiness. All you need to do is be aware of them and appreciate them. They happen everyday and all the time – don’t rush through your life but become aware of the small things in life.

If you experience great small things, you usually keep them in your mind. The gentleman who holds the door open for you even though you don’t know him. The bank who offers you great coffee out of courtesy. The customer service hotline where you are talking to a human immediately instead of being placed on hold. Your boss who compliments your work. You don’t forget those moments easily. They shape you and your life for the better.

Making Small Things Great

Now that you realized all the great small things happening to you, you should re-evaluate the small things in your life. Making small things great is easier than you might think because it comes down to one thing only: kindness.

The next time you rush to work and see an harried person, smile. When you rush through a door, slow down and hold the door open for the next person. When you pass by a flower shop on your way home stop and get a single rose for a buck – it’s the small gesture which counts. Be gentler and think how you can use the small things in life to make the people around you happier. Give everywhere you go and go the extra mile when nobody else does.

Great Small Things Spread

Let’s say you are running your own company and you’re competing with similar businesses around you. When you think nothing distinguishes you from your competitor, look and re-define the small things. When your employees smile sincerely while your competitors don’t – you will win. Imagine you are competing with a co-worker for a promotion. While your co-worker doesn’t realize the importance of the small things, you do. You take the time to have crucial conversations with your boss instead of talking about football or work only. You remember his birthday and write him a handwritten card while you co-worker does not. But act sincerely.

I came up with these thoughts while running a coworking business. We offered average coffee. Somehow I realized that coffee is a small thing which should be great. By switching from awful or average coffee to the best coffee in town, you create a small unexpected great thing. You customers will realize and appreciate it. Take photos of the amazing coffee, share it to Instagram, and tell everyone that they work at a place with the best coffee in town, or in the country, or even on the planet.

Small things do count, don’t forget them, make them great.

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