Never Offer Bad Coffee

With counting appointments in many companies, coworking spaces, hotels, and law firms there is one thing which is always present but rarely equally good. I am talking about coffee.

No matter which meeting you are joining, coffee is usually going along with the conversation. You don’t drink it because you are especially tired. Drinking coffee is often a social phenomenon. In our western world, coffee became a great companion to a good conversation.

While you can get a coffee nearly everywhere – even at your favorite barber – it is an exception to get a really good coffee.

If you agree to have a coffee, you usually expect a drinkable coffee. You don’t necessarily expect a Starbucks coffee but at least a reasonable one. However, what happens when you get a disgusting coffee? First, it leaves a really bad impression of the host. Secondly, many people will feel compelled to drink your dishwater and – instead of focussing on the conversation – every second thought will be “this coffee is disgusting”. Not the best first impression, right?

Now think back to your last meeting or event where you got great and delicate coffee. A coffee of which you enjoyed every single sip. A coffee you’d usually expect to get at a professional coffee shop. What were you thinking?

The last time I got a delicious coffee at a place I didn’t expect it, I was surprised and enjoyed every second of the meeting. Thinking back, those “excellent coffee moments” are good memories and great first impressions.

Resumé: Pay attention to the coffee you offer your customers and partners at your office. If your coffee is really bad, better offer a healthy brewed tea. If your staff does not have the capacity to service a coffee machine try full-service coffee machine rentals.

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