Turkish Humbleness

Turkish people are one of the most humble and kind people I’ve ever met. Especially when I eat at a Turkish restaurant, it’s not only their kindness, but especially their humbleness that strikes me.

Let’s say it as it is: No matter where you are in the world, if you look for great food at fair prices, simply look for Turkish restaurants. You can nearly blindly go to a Turkish restaurant or diner, and get a decent, nutritious, satiating, delicious meal for a very fair price.

For example: Today, all restaurants offer a small soup for – let’s say – €8.00. Not the hospitable Turkish restaurant, it offers you a large delicious soup for €3.50 with free bread and free çay (tea). It’s not that they couldn’t charge €8.00 as well, it is maybe their humbleness that doesn’t allow it.

I’m certain this is not limited to Turkish people. I believe it’s more a result of the Mediterranean Islamic culture: Turkish, Lebanese, Syrian, etc. The world is such a beautiful place if you are open-minded.

(As always, the exception proves the rule.)

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