Nuclear War & Moving to Tenerife

It is official. We moved out of our apartment in Germany and moved to Tenerife – one of the Canary Islands. Tenerife – and all other Canary Islands – is a part of Spain, located just a few hundred kilometers off the coast of the Sahara desert. And that is the point: Tenerife is quite far away from everything.


Since the beginning of the Ukraine-Russia-War in February 2022, I was concerned about the rhetoric used by several NATO states and NATO leaders as well as Russia. For me, it was and still is clear, that any direct involvement of NATO in Ukraine will lead to a direct military conflict between NATO and Russia. This, in turn, could quickly turn into a nuclear war.

It is impossible to estimate the real risk of a nuclear war accurately. But for me, the possibility in percentage is not relevant. What matters and what is possible to predict are the consequences either a nuclear, a non-nuclear, or merely the consequences of an economic war will have on my life and the region I’m living in.

A nuclear war is — for both sides — completely unacceptable. But I fear that through a potential false flag attack, an accident, or total stupidity, it might happen. I hope it never ever happens.

In a nuclear war, the best places to be are either in the center of it (let’s say central Berlin or central London) — where you’re simply vaporized – or very far away – where you have a high chance to survive. Avoid everything in between.

Even though a nuclear war will (hopefully) never happen, I still considered Tenerife as the best option for the short term. As soon as Russia stops delivering gas to Germany, it will become cold there – literally and figuratively. First, it will shut down major industries in Germany and lead to mass unemployment and a real economic depression. Shortly thereafter, people will not be able to heat their homes anymore.

Why Tenerife?

Tenerife is far away from everything, situated next to the Gulf Stream and close to the Sahara. The high temperatures are on average +17,5 °C in the winter. Tenerife is 100% independent of Russian gas and oil. Concerning a nuclear war, it is – according to several models – one of scarcely any place in the Northern Hemisphere with temperatures of around 0 °C in a potential nuclear winter.

Tenerife is far away, but still close. With two international airports in the islands, there are multiple direct flights to every major metropolis in Europe. Every day and within 3-5 hours you can reach London, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Milano, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Stockholm, you name it.

Tenerife has excellent internet. The slowest available internet option at my house, which is a suburb of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is 300 Mbps. If I’d like, I can get up to 1,000 Mbps. As Tenerife is also part of Spain and the EU, it is quite convenient to work and do business from here.

Tenerife has fresh fruits and vegetables at low prices. Two fully packed bags from a local Fruiteria did cost us €13. Eating healthy is possible and more affordable than in Germany.

Tenerife is highly developed. If you compare Tenerife to other tourist islands in Europe, it is highly developed. Just 5 minutes from my house is a six lane highways connecting me within 10 minutes to Santa Cruz de Tenerife or La Laguna or within 30 minutes to the larger airport Tenerife South (TFS).

There are many more positives, as there are several negatives. For me, the major negatives are the Spanish bureaucracy, and the fact that my family still lives in Germany. We have to live with the first but should we live here longer than intended, I’m confident that within the next years our close family will be just as stoked of Tenerife as we so that they will retire here.

Concluding Thoughts

I never thought that I’d move to a remote, sunny island so early in my life. Just three years ago, I’d have chosen London or certain regions in the United States – with a conglomeration of smart and ambitious people. But two years of COVID-19 and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine-NATO conflict changed how I look at the world and how I look at my life.

The geopolitical and economics landscape in Western Europe as well as in Asia are complex. The uncertainties are big.

Due to COVID-19, business has majorly shifted to the internet, as have smart people and ambitious communities.

Today I’m delighted to turn off the news and focus on creating an exciting business which is fully aligned with myself instead of worrying of geopolitics.

PS, dear readers of my newsletter: From now on, I’ll publish a daily blog article on my blog. I’ll call them “daily diary“. The articles will be short: maximum 300 words or < 1 minute reading time. This way, I want to share my experiences and thoughts with you. I always love to hear from you, so feel free to contact me via Telegram or Twitter @mariusschober.

Lovely greetings from Tenerife,
Your Marius

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I definitely concur. Sadly, as I’m from Britain, I have the fallout of the ridiculous Brexit vote to deal with. I have been exploring Southern Morocco, specifically the area around Taghazout. It’s wild, magical and enchanting, but quite a tiring atmosphere. Also, global war could well set off local disputes and I could see a confrontational blow up between Algeria and Morocco over Western Sahara, especially as Morocco is basically aligned with the West, whereas Algeria has moved quite strongly to the Russian camp.

I am currently sitting in El Cotillo in Fuerteventura, considering my next move. It’s almost like a mini Mexico here and Fuerte is my personal favourite in the Canaries. Here’s hoping that Russia’s Poseidon missile that could destroy Britain with a 500m tsunami does reach this far. Now to work on my initial 12 month visa…

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