Nobody Thinks of You

Why don’t we live the life we once imagined for ourselves?
Why don’t we just do what we always wanted to do?

In life, there is one major barrier which is holding us back from fulfilling our full potential. The same barrier is holding us back from truly living our lives to its fullest.

The barrier which is holding us back is the deep fear of what other people might think of us.

What might our family think? What might our friends think? What might my business partner think? Hell, what might even a random stranger think?

It does not matter what other people think about us.

Here is the utter truth: People don’t even think about you!

This is a psychological phenomenon called the “Spotlight effect“.

We believe that everyone is paying attention to our actions, our behavior, or our appearance. In reality, we significantly overestimate how much other people notice and care about things we do.

Ergo, all the energy we use to think about what others think about us is wasted.

Everyone is thinking about themselves just as much as you think about ourselves.

Next time you are afraid of what others might think, remember: They don’t even think about you.

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