Sci​ence as a Crutch

In our society, science became a tool for argumentation and for politics. We act first, then find the science to support our acts. We talk first, then find the science to support our talks.

This is dangerous because we stopped pursing the truth and instead settle with what we wish to be true.

Instead of abusing science as a crutch for one’s own interests, we should make science unbiased and independent again. Only by being independent enough to challenge the truth, we can arrive at the truth.

But independence is not enough. Science also needs to become brave and challenge existing barriers it set for itself.

A good example are current conversations on the physics of UFOs. The UFOs evidently show physical properties which are unexplainable by our current understanding of physics.

It appears that UFOs use technologies which we cannot grasp with our current status of physics. Likely, it will change fundamental physical law we assume to be true as of today. This alone should be reason and motivation enough to uncover missing knowledge and find out the fundamental laws behind UFO technology.

Instead, often those who are the most scientific, are those who deny the existing of UFOs the most. Talk about UFOs and the underlying physics, mention that there is likely a speed which is faster than light, and scientists who should be curious the most look at you as if you were a crazy person.

Let’s stop using science as a crutch to avoid the uncomfortable, and instead focus on discovering truths we cannot grasp yet.

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